I’m Riku, but my friends tend to call me Rike.

I’ll start by mentioning few words about my interests, since after all, that’s what this site is pretty much based upon.
My interests are plenty, and they span from Music (Listening & Playing), Design, Photography to Technology (Software Engineering (Front-End Development, UX), Digital Audio, The Open Web). Those are more or less the “upper”-level categories, which the site’s content will most likely revolve around.


At times I create music for my own amusement. You can hear some of those older tracks on my soundcloud page.

A D&B kind of tune.

I also am an avid music listener. In addition to listening alot of music by digital means (soundcloud, Spotify, bandcamp), I also collect Vinyl.

I started collecting vinyl after getting interested in turnablism in high school. Since then I’ve been mostly a bedroom DJ, in addition I perform and make beats for Gynä & Rike. During the time I got into turntablism I also got interested in electronic music, beat making and music technology. Below you can see few older videos:

Playing with Novation Launchpad, Few Max/MXP Patches (nonome & polygome) and a FM synthesizer (FM8).

Sequencing and playing samples with Maschine and Virtual-Analog Synthesizer (Massive). (Sorry, about clipping, but computer couldn’t keep up with the awesomeness).

Playing some samples (with MPC 2500)

Creative Coding

Sometimes I like to doodle around with code, but luckily there’s a name for this kind of activity and it is called creative coding 😀


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