Experimenting with Web Audio

Hi, it’s me again with another experiment.
This time the experiment is about audio tools on the web, it has few real time audio visualizations; scope, spectrogram, spectrum, it also contains MIDI monitor tool, suitable for inspecting MIDI messages (works only on Chrome and Opera atm), Tap tempo, and a Signal Generator.
This experiment was on hiatus for a long time, since I had plans to add few more features to it and polish the existing stuff. However other projects have come a long, so I thought I might as well share this as it is now, even though it is slightly buggy (not optimized, cross browser support is lacking, responsive design is missing.).

audio-toolbox spectrogram visualizing Bremer/McCoy Hojt At Flyve

The experiment was done using Vue.js, vuex & vue-router, for the curious the source can be read here.

Check audio-toolbox out!