rike.space has been opened

I finally took the time and required amounts of coffee, sat down, rolled my sleeves and created a blog for myself.

Why is that rike? Well nice of you to ask. let me elaborate, I chose to go down this route for multiple reasons:
The important one being that I do like to fiddle around with code, and having a playground like this is a great way of doing that.
Another reason being, that I’m not perfectly comfortable in spoon feeding few Internet behemots with my data, when in return these companies subject their “users” to dubious psychological experiments. All of this is done so that people get to use the service “free of charge” and in return will see relevant adds while surfing inside of their walled gardens. I’ll pass.

Aside from using Open Standards and distributing the wealth of information into hands of many, instead of the few, there are few more reasons why I think blogging is one of the greatest mediums available.
An important point is the notion of pushing vs. pulling of the information towards its consumer. When pushing the information, these system are in charge of the information content being consumed, when comparing it to the alternative, pulling, where the consumer is in charge.
I can only talk on my own behalf, but I much prefer the pull based flow, especially when digesting information. But indeed there’s use cases for pushing. A valid use case for pushing is when the information is time-sensitive, another one is when the consumer wants to get an overview of the information that’s available.

My hunch is that the problems with push based systems might be related to the anxiety some people may feel currently, as the information is being pushed towards the user in overwhelming quantities. (Sidenote: term “user”, was chosen instead of “consumer”, as I’m trying to keep up with the way both Software companies and Drug dealers usually attribute their consumers).
Blogs combine the pull-based flow, while providing the means (eg. RSS, which the user can opt-in or -out) for pushing the information towards the consumer.

So there, I provided answers for questions that were never asked.. Ranting on the subject of how great pulling information is instead of pushing it. But that’s the kind of guy I am: a complex fellow.
Which reminded me of a quote from Common’s – 6th sense:

A complex man drawn off of simplicity.

That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by.
Hopefully I’ll see you around, have a good one.

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